Your Life Planner
Create A Bigger, Better
Version Of Yourself!

More Than Just A Goal Setting Program, Life Planner Is The Most Complete System Ever Made Consisting Of Decades Of Research In Human Achievement & Comprised Of Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Top Techniques From The Best Teachers, The Best Time Managers, The Biggest Achievers, The Most Successful Millionaires & Billionaires, And Much More To Give You Clarity And Purpose So You Can Accomplish More, Achieve Better, Faster Results With Less Effort, Make Your Visions Reality, And Create The Perfect Life For Yourself!

You Can Find Hundreds Of Programs, Books, Audio Tapes, Studies, & Other Expensive Products To Teach You How To Set Goals, Be More Productive, Stop Procrastinating, Attract Success, Find Your Purpose In Life, Motivate You To Higher Achievement, And Much, Much More. All These Programs Can Be Very Helpful, But They Can Range In Price From $49 To Over $10,000 And Yet Still Not Contain Everything You Need To Know To Be Successful In Every Aspect Of Your Life – They All Have Missing Pieces & Many Contain Mountains Of Misinformation.

We’ve Gone Through Hundreds Of Top Quality Programs, Spending Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars & 20 Years Of Exhaustive Research & Testing (Trial & Error) Taking Little Pieces Of The Puzzle From Each Program To Develop The Most Complete Program Taking What Works From The Best Of The Best And Adding It To Our Exclusive Teachings Not Found Any Where Else.

It’s An All-Inclusive Blueprint For Your Ideal Life …
The Life You’ve Always Dreamed About For Yourself & Your Family.
Turbo Charge Your Achievements - Squeeze Days Into Hours, Weeks Into Days, Months Into Weeks, Years Into Months, And Decades Into Years ... With Less Effort & Greater Results!
Create A Crystal Clear Life Vision & A Plan To Achieve It!
Regain Control Of Your Time So You Never Have A "Bad" Day!
Conquer Fear & Reach Your Personal Best 100% Of The Time!
Overcome Challenges, Oppositions, And Obstacles With Ease!
Instantly Replace Your "Tired" Feeling With An "Inspired" Feeling!
Obtain Any Desired Habit Quickly With Our "Never Miss" Program!
Learn The Key Elements Needed To Obtaining Your Every Desire!
Eliminate Feelings Of Overwhelmed, Overworked, And Out Of Control & Much, Much More!!!

Whether You're A Man Or Woman, Young Or Old, A Student Or Housewife, A Blue Collar Or White Collar Worker, Business Owner Or CEO, You Can & Will Benefit From Joining. You'll Be Guided Step-By-Step To Define & Create Your Very Best Future Using Our Proven Life-Changing System & Techniques To Achieve The Greatness You Want Out Of Life … All Starting For Less Than $5!

A Life Program To Suit Your Needs!
Features Silver Gold Diamond Family
10 Goal Setting Categories To Cover Every Aspect Of Your Life
Unlimited Changes, Additions, Deletions, Etc. For All Your Goals
Positive & Negative Motivation Analysis
Key Words That Make The Difference In Achieving Your Goals
Automatic Inspirational & Motivational Help
Personalized Goal Setting View
Personalized Goal Summary View
Personalized Goal Highlight View
Personalized Goal Spotlight View
Daily Rituals Program
Desired Character Traits
Perfection Visualization Techniques
Never Miss Habit Formation Program
Counter Punch Problem Solving Program
Goals Accountability With Counsel
Advanced Organization Schedule For Ultimate Productivity
($49 Value)
Our Exclusive Life Plan Evaluation
($79 Value)
Specific Individual Goal Setting Guidance For All 10 Categories
($99 Value)
Free Access To Higher Achievement Training Materials
($695 Value)
Up To 5 Individual Personalized Life Planners For The Entire Family
On Separate, Individual Personal Devices. ($49.80/Month Value)
Life Plan Addition Silver Gold Diamond Family
Total Monthly Membership $4.95 $9.95 $12.95 $14.95
Life Planner
Silver Addition
Life Planner
Gold Addition
Life Planner
Diamond Addition
Life Planner
Family Addition


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